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The World of Work Has Changed and The American Dream Is Being Reshaped

You know it, I know it, everyone around the United States knows it.

But, what exactly has changed and how do we adapt to it?

In particular:

What does it take to create or secure meaningful work in a world filled with widespread, unsettling change and growing economic uncertainty?

How do we navigate the inner journey of such a significant transition in our personal and professional lives?

These are two of the most pressing questions on my mind and maybe on yours, too.

To find out the answers I’m rebuilding from scratch!

I gave away ALL my possessions.

And have started with only $10, a laptop, and some clothes.

Without utilizing my existing financial resources or relationships.

The Ten Dollars and a Laptop project is a transparent, no-holds barred look into my life. I will uncover what the world of work looks like in modern-day society and what it takes to create or secure it. All the while sharing my inner journey of navigating this significant life transition.

Along the way, I will also:

  • Travel to all 50 United States to discover what this country is still capable of and find examples to model of others who have adapted well.
  • Work one-on-one with 500 people who are rebuilding their own lives to remind them what they’re capable of and teach them what I’m learning.
  • Give 100 presentations sharing what I learn about what it takes to succeed in today’s America.
  • Launch at least one new business in an industry I’ve never previously been involved in to make sure what I’m learning works.

All in 1,000 days.

Think I can do it?

Let’s find out together. Join the journey…