How Top Brands Are Cashing On Using Snapchat Views;

News 02:07 July 2020:

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The magic of disappearing photos and videos on snap chat can be confusing and annoying to newbies on snapchat. Of what importance are 10 seconds if other social media platforms have no timelines to what you view? Your friends only see the video or snap once and disappears unless you post it to your story that it will be available for 24 hours. The short time frame to initiate constructive snapchat views on this platform is proving to be of advantage to top brands in the market to reach its clientèle. Probably you a newbie struggling to get followers you wondering how this is done now. The major factor pulling top brands here is;

Target market; most users of snapchat are between the age of 13 and 25. with many restrictions of other social sites putting the joining mark at 18 years. The young age opens the new markets that never existed before. This is propelled by the love of social media most youths have and hence spend more time online. This provides real-time engagement and through them, reaching those not on this platform is easy. Their increased number of snapchat views on the brand accounts point to the fact that several people see their products because more different videos are uploaded throughout.