Engaging Your Periscope Followers;

News 08:12 December 2019:

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After doing everything right and attracting many periscope followers, shift now focuses on engaging them. The process is meaningful and fruitful when a personal touch is added on every engagement. Since its possible to monitor, the number of those who watch and liking your video, it is good to establish a way to appreciate them and make them feel important in your entire engagements. Two primary modes of engagement are as shown below;

Responding to comments; posted videos will lead to positive and negative feedbacks from different followers. It is important to address all of them even if you disagree entirely with some. It shows how you respect and appreciate other people’s point of view and tolerate them. Never go to the extent of ignoring your viewers. Their messages appear in the form of chat streams at the lower left corner heading up. The messages are visible to all other viewers as it covers part of the video once posted. You can respond independently to the message or on the video directly.

Appreciating the hearts; hearts are sent by your periscope followers to show they like what you broadcasted. The more the hearts, the more the people like it. Show your appreciation by thanking whoever liked your video and for their support.