Effective Marketing Using Photos And Automatic Likes;

News 07:12 December 2019:

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When you settle to using Twitter to market your products, automatic likes and hashtags will add little value when no photo or videos are inserted. The pictures attract attention to online users who were scrolling past the post with no interest. The picture must not be the one of the product you are selling but with other interest that will encourage them to read the tweet you had posted. The picture can be of a recent event, trending issue or a recent controversial football match in town. Even if the first viewer sees that the tweet is irrelevant, the video or picture you posted with will motivate him to like or tweet it to his follower. You will be surprised that you will get a positive response from his followers instead.

The unconscious retweet and automatic likes generated exposes you to followers you initially never had. This is beneficial because you still have your 140 characters to use in addition to the videos or photos you choosing. It ‘s nice to alternate between pictures and videos to reduce monotony to the viewers when they decide to see your timeline only after getting the interest from the first photo. Never post pictures alone but let them accompany a caption.